Past Life Regression Workshop with Marije

24.06.2023 14.45-17.45

This workshop is a fun and easy way to discover a past life that offers information that will benefit you in your present day life.

Workshop Info:

This 3 hour group workshop is a fun and easy way to experience hypnosis, and discover a past life. Most people have lived many lives; however, the one you will experience in the workshop is the one your Higher Self picks for you to see. It will be a past lifetime that offers information that will benefit you in your present day life.

The workshop consists of 3 different exercises, and there will be lots of interaction in between the exercises. Doing a past life regression feels much like a guided meditation. During hypnosis you are always in your own control, and you will feel relaxed and refreshed, when the workshop is done. In the workshop we will travel to a past life, a life far into the future and we will connect to one of your main spirit guides, and get a message from them.

Please bring the following: Notebook and pen, water bottle, eye mask (optional)

The studio provides: Yoga Mats, blankets, cushions

Best way to prepare: -Don’t drink any coffee or alcohol before the workshop -Make sure you eat beforehand -Wear comfortable clothing -Have no expectations and come with an open mind!

Your host: -Marije Terluin is a Past Life Regressionist, and owner of -Marije studied at the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Academy (QHHT) of Dolores Cannon and is a Level 3 practitioner. -She offers both these workshops and 1:1 past life regressions from her office in Berlin

Come and join the wonderful Marije on Saturday, June 24th, 14:45- 17:45.

50€ or USC check-in + 40€

Please book your spot (in person and online) through Eversports as well.



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