A Sonic Journey through the Wild Body & Soul With Camilla Sadaghna

22.04.2023 20.00-22.00


A Sonic Journey through the Wild Body & Soul 

Release to Receive With Camilla Sadaghna

You are the portal to your dreams, your joy, peace, liberation, pleasure and magic.

Camilla will guide you to lovingly release all that you know is not satisfying your soul and nourishing your being through sounding + organic movement before you lay back to receive an enchanting sound journey, transporting you even deeper into your Soular Space to receive your own soular POWer + medicine. Camilla blends electronic frequencies, acoustic instruments and live vocals.

Inside our body is a rich landscape of knowing, of personal truth and love. This is a gorgeous safe space to come and touch base with it, to feel the liberated version of you and leave with a more open, trusting and loving connection to your body and inner knowing. More connected, you will feel confident to live in the truth of who you really are without distractions + blocks. May this remembrance overflow into your life in every way every day. It’s not just a sound journey it’s a way of being.Know thyself + Be Free.

What to expect?

  • Opening Circle 
  • Exploring your voice/inner sounds + movement
  • Release Electronic-Acoustic Sound Journey
  • Receive Being/Journaling Closing Circle

All inside a gorgeous space that invites all senses to life. 

The Sound Journey will make up the majority of this event. In a world of deep doing, receiving is truly an art and the sounds will assist you to unravel with ease into the core of your body being, relax deeply + be with all of yourCELLS. Camilla is a singer/songwriter/producer/dancer here to guide and invite you into your wild essence through all dimensions of vibration. 

Join Camilla to enter into deep devotion with the wild in you and be changed. 

Saturday, April 22th, 20:00 – 22:00.

29€ or USC check-in + 15€

Please book your spot through Eversports as well.

info: info@yoganowberlin.de


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