Mirroring Infinity: Breathwork & Sound with Paloma and Izzy

23.11 – 20:30-22:00

INFINITY, a concept that transcends mathematics, the physical sciences, and metaphysics, represents the idea of BOUNDLESSNESS and endlessness, a notion that is equally fascinating and somewhat unsettling for us all.

We can observe this phenomenon by looking at patterns in NATURE, from the infinitely small to the infinitely big, as proof that there is an order to things in the universe and that this order is based on VIBRATIONS and frequencies.

MIRRORING offers a means to dispel the ILLUSION of being fundamentally distinct from individuals we may hold negative feelings towards or label as „wrong“. The greater our capacity to recognize our own REFLECTION in others, the more we nurture a sense of acceptance and COMPASSION, both for them and our own self.

During this special date of 23.11.23, which is Paloma´s birthday, we will explore together those two theme through tools like :

SOUND [ Fibonacci tuning forks / Gongs / Music ] – INFINITY BREATHWORK & VISUALIZATION – MOVEMENT 

INFINITY BREATH is a powerful way to flood the body with oxygen and energy, recharging our entire systems to work to their maximum healing capacity. The infinity symbol models perfectly the continuity needed in that practice, meaning that inhalations are immediately followed by exhalations without pause.

It is not recommended to attend if :
– Epilepsy / First stage of pregnancy / wearing hearing aids / serious mental or physical conditions recent major surgery or injury.
– Please check with your health practitioner if it is safe for you.Everything can be adapted to your own needs and you are welcome to bring ear plugs as well.

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