Betti Rompos

Betti Rompos

My name is Bernadett Rompos, Hungarian dancer, yoga teacher coming to Berlin from Prague.

My background is 25 years of dancing (modern & contemporary). After an ugly injury, I turned towards yoga – hoping for recovery. The process was very slow, but it worked!  And of course, meanwhile I fell in love with yoga. This was back in 2016, so I decided to dive deeper into yoga, and went to an ashram in Rishikesh for my first 200 YTT which was focused on Ashtanga (and a bit of hatha). After the course, I was traveling and teaching across Southeast Asia.

Returning to Prague started to teach immediately – mainly Vinyasa and Ashtanga.

With 2 of my wonderful colleagues we opened our yoga studios in Prague, where we started to introduce rocket yoga to the Prague Yogis – here comes the next big love.

Later I travelled back to India for my next yoga teacher training, and since then I keep continuously educating myself.

So why yoga? Why Vinyasa? Why rocket?

Yoga’s magic is something that can make you feel relaxed and energized all at the same time. You are sweating and smiling, getting stronger and more flexible simultaneously. While becoming aware of the power of your own breath, you are discovering unknown dimensions of your own body. In my classes – both Vinyasa and rocket – the main goal is very simple: spreading joy. We go upside down quite a lot; free and creative sequences, playful and deliberating atmosphere – that`s all what is waiting for you!

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