We are very glad you are interested in joining our Asana and Pranayama classes.

We recommend that you avoid eating for at least two hours prior to attending a class.

Coming to class well hydrated, specially in summer. The intake of water during the class is not recommended, is important to keep a certain body temperature, as a result of the synchronization of movement and breath.

Take a shower before class out of respect for our teachers, for other students and – in a sense – for yourself.

We are happy to teach beginners, so if it’s your first time let the teacher know. Feel very welcome to join our classes.

It is not necessary to reserve classes in advance, the best way to guarantee your spot in class is to arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled start time


We have all you need for our classes, mats, bolsters, belts and blocks free of charge. We kindly ask you to clean the mat after your practice to ensure everybody’s well-being.  
However, you are welcome to bring your own mat to class

Since we think the best way to get to know our studio is by getting to try out our extensive range of classes and teachers, we offer a 3 classes pass in which you can try 3 classes of your preference. 

Yes, we have a shower at our studio.

We are proud to have teachers from all around the world. Our classes are taught in either English or German, but some of our teachers even speak Spanish, French, Italian and Greek.


Firstly, congratulations. 

A lot of pregnant students take a break during the first trimester, yet they often return to practice during the second. 
Yoga can be very helpful during the second trimester as asana can help relieve backache, and pranayama (breathing techniques) have a soothing effect on the body. 

We highly recommend Yin Yoga practice during pregnancy. 

Please let the teacher know about your pregnancy before the class so that they can make sure to give you the necessary modifications if needed.

As you may have already noticed, an increase in the hormone relaxin in your body is making your joints and ligaments more flexible than before. This means that you need to be careful to stay within your limits. Now is not the time to push your practice, but rather to be gentle and loving with yourself, both for you and your baby.

Please let the teacher know before the class begins about any injuries, medical conditions or pregnancies. By doing this, your teacher can provide you with helpful posture variations or props that will adapt the practice to your specific needs. We are always happy to help. 

If you ever feel too uncomfortable, listen to your body and slowdown, you can always take a pause during the practice whenever you need. 


You should never practice if you have been advised not to by a doctor.


At Yoga Now Berlin we are recognized for our friendly atmosphere and experienced teachers. We seek individuals who are highly inspiring for our students and our team. If you see yourself in our team, either as a Yoga Teacher, Creative or Marketing position please let us know.