Lisa Israel

In the elegant and powerful Ashtanga Yoga, I naturally find the ability to strengthen my self-discipline and perseverance.
The gentle Yin Yoga and its therapeutic approach form a complementary counterpoint. Free from pressure to perform, the practice grounds me and promotes my self-awareness.

As a teacher, my job is to share my enthusiasm for yoga and to help people become happier with the methods of yoga practice. Similar to the education of my three sons, I pass on what inspires me and what I can pass on as experience.

I acquired the theoretical and practical foundation for Spirit Yoga and the Yoga School Berlin.
I get great inspiration from Sarah Powers and my teacher Lama Ole Nydahl. I am very grateful for that. To experience each moment fresh and new, to preserve the beginner’s spirit and to be open to inspirations, is the practice and goal of my yoga and meditation practice.