Jolanda Mucha

When Jolanda started with yoga about 13 years ago, she didn’t know and couldn’t imagine what impact it would have on her future. What once began as a workout (she has an active background, especially gymnastics and fitness) became a mental, emotional and spiritual experience, journey, and path.Jolanda finished a 4,5 years hatha yoga teacher training (BDY/EYU, 800 UE) and is now working as a yoga teacher for 5 years, almost every day.

She started practicing Ashtanga Yoga on December 2019, which was another turning point in her life, as it gave her immediate relief with a long term physical pain.

Achieving stability, freedom, and calmness through the practice are just words; they can hardly describe the effect of Ashtanga yoga and will only scrape the surface of an often rough and deep sea.

Having the opportunity to support people’s experience of creating a wider inner space and getting to know themselves better, is a great bliss for Jolanda.
In practice, as in life: every day the same and every day completely new.