Susanne Leithner 

To me, Yin Yoga is a conscious choice. It’s a journey into your inner world – and while you may be still on the outside – the sensual stories unfolding inside of you are beautifully rich and nurturing. 

 Yin Yoga invites us to just be: through practice, it offers us a tangible sense of what it means to simply be in the moment. 

We release tension & blockages to increase the flow of life energy throughout our body, mind and spirit. What a wonderful gift to indulge in!

Susanne has a background in modern dance and choreography.

She studied at a performing arts university in New York and is passionate about creating as well as exploring the concept of lines and flow through a dedicated body-mind-spirit practice. Studies on impactful forms of communication followed.

 Upon returning to Europe and Germany, she was exposed to yoga & pilates and became an avid student before teaching blended classes herself.

 Susanne’s professional engagements then extended to other disciplines such as systemic coaching, hypnoanalysis, improvisation methods and experience-based learning. With this skillset, she’s been working as a facilitator for change and innovation projects internationally.


Her deep appreciation for yin yoga brings balance to her love of vinyasa yoga.

 Susanne’s style combines philosophical insights on being human with deep body work.