Every Sunday 15:30 – 16:30

This class will be offered alternately by Nikolas (who will focus on Zen meditation, in English) and Jan (who will focus in Buddhist meditation in German). Check our schedule every week 😉

In meditation, we practice mindfulness for what’s given here and now. We learn to witness and pause before reacting compulsively. Thus, we create space to act freely and open our minds and hearts. Meditation


17.03 20:45-22:00

Frequency invites rest. It invites us to deeply explore our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies, while helping us attune to a state of harmony.

Join us for this weekly frequency reset and experience the transformative power of gongs, bowls, and various instruments as they resonate to recalibrate both your internal and external worlds.

Normal class price <3



21.3. – 20:40-22:10


Mit der Atmung haben wir ein mächtiges Werkzeug an der Hand, um Gemüt und Bewusstsein zu verändern und tiefe Selbsterfahrungen zu machen.

Durch das Holotrope Atmen wird ein bewusster Raum geschaffen, in dem energetische Blockaden gelöst und damit traumatische Erlebnisse in neue Quellen der Kraft verwandelt werden können. Es kann ein Trancezustand erreicht und tiefere Schichten


24.02 20:00-22:00

Mariela and Storm craft a ceremonial journey where cosmology, deep dreaming, movement alchemy and sacred sound meet with the spirit of cacao. The Mayans revered Cacao, attributing its presence to the goddess Ixcacao, and from the Mayan heartland in Guatemala, we delve into the ancient roots, forging communion with the sacred Cacao medicine.

Guided by the day’s nawal and the Mayan Cholq’ij calendar,


24.02 15:30-17:30

A guided ashtanga class, with more time to look into the more complex asanas and transitions, time to ask questions, and time to enjoy a warm cup of tea together after the practice.

We will cover most of the primary series and some fun and challenging poses from the second, flowing together with the Ujjayi breath.

Ideal for students who have some experience with ashtanga and want to deepen their


02.03 20:00-22:00

This event is an invitation to feel you.

It is about creating the space to get to know your own body as a tool.

Through meditation, breathing exercises, relaxation practice as well as asana practice you will feel, observe and connect with yourself.
From your own awareness, self-observation and inner mindfulness to the release in the collective through ecstatic movements expression.
Energy is given and will be received


Saturday March 9th – 15h30 – 135 min
Saturday March 23th – 15h30 – 135 min
Saturday April 6th – 15h30 – 135 min

These 3 workshops are designed for all women with any kind of menstruation disorders i.e PMS, Endometriosis, PCOS… the price for one date is 35€, and all three for 90€.
USC check-in counts as a 10€ discount on the day 😉

Each workshop will go through a specific theme which would


27.01.24 at 15:30 – 17:45
16.03.24 at 15:30 – 17:45

Kundalini Activation aka Inner Dance is a practice during which we invite the Kundalini Energy in to dance freely through our bodies and show us what she wants to show us.

This can be a life-changing spiritual awakening, experience, that brings about profound changes in consciousness. This practice can dissolve energetic blockages, increase clear sight, show us and let us experience who


25.02 & 10.03 20:45-22:15

The transformative power of rebirthing breathwork & solfeggio frequencies.

Surrender to the power of Death and Rebirth in this conscious connected breathwork session. Through the circular application of the breath, a higher flow of energy is generated in the body while we can get in touch with our subconscious & higher consciousness. This transformative practice enables us to consciously


14.01 20:45-22:30 NEW MOON
24.03 20:45-22:30 FULL MOON

Surrounded by the soothing darkness of the NEW MOON, an opportunity to restore, reflect and plant seeds of intentions for the future.

Then will come the time to celebrate the FULL MOON completion, illuminating our emotions, creativity and self-growth, but also what is no longer serving us.

Bring pen + journal

Born on a Fullmoon night,


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