Pascale Pieper

It was my father who brought yoga to my life, back in 2007, when he opened a yoga studio. It was hot yoga, and although the heat was not for me, I fell in love with the practice.

That love grows every day, as I find more and more layers of knowledge to be discovered through the practice.

I see yoga as a way to find truth and love, to find patience, humility, and stability. To find the present and to find oneself.

It all comes with the practice.

I have tried and I honor many different traditions and styles, and I have found in Ashtanga my home. The regular practice keeps me alive, opens my heart, and calms my mind.

My path as a yoga teacher started at the beginning of 2020 in Rishikesh, India, where I did my teacher training, and is a gift to be able to share this ancient practice with others.

I’m forever grateful to all my teachers.